Dermaplaning uses a specialised instrument to gently remove dull, dead skin cells and fine vellus hair leaving the skin impeccably smooth. This gentle medical skin treatment is performed using a surgical blade that softly removes the outer layers of epidermis ridding the skin of impurities and debris, whilst promoting the regeneration of new skin cells. The removal of vellus hair (peach fuzz) leaves a smooth surface for makeup to glide on flawlessly.


Dermaplaning Treatment (approx 30mins) – £65

Includes cleanse and skin preparation, dermaplaning full face and finishing with cosmeceutical broad-spectrum SPF.

Dermaplaning Treatment, Mask and Massage (approx 50mins) – £85

Includes cleanse and skin preparation, pre-derma prime enzyme & cellulose peel, dermaplaning full face, sheet mask with neck and decollate massage and finishing with cosmeceutical broad-spectrum SPF.

Dermaplaning Treatment, Mask, Massage and DMH Aesthetic Light Shield (approx 50mins) – £100

Includes cleanse and skin preparation, pre-derma prime enzyme & cellulose peel, dermaplaning full face, sheet mask with neck and decollate massage, DMH and finishing with cosmeceutical broad-spectrum SPF.

Peel & Plane – The Ultimate Result Treatment

– £100

Two of the most popular treatments I offer is Dermaplaning Facials and Medik8 Peels and as I always combine the two for my own personal treatment, I have decided to do the same at Home of Beauty. As long as you have experienced both a Peel and Dermaplaning at Home of Beauty, you will be able to experience any Medik8 Peel with the additional benefits of Dermaplaning in one appointment.

Your peel will work on many skin health benefits depending on the peel you have chosen and the Dermaplaning will remove any debris including vellus hair. Both will complement and enhance giving you maximum results from your treatment.

What are the benefits?

  • Remove light surface wrinkling
  • Smooth acne scarring
  • Improve skin texture
  • Even out skin tone
  • Help to unblock blackheads
  • Reduce the pores size
  • Remove Facial Hair (hair does not grow back thicker)
  • Generate new healthy skin cells

What is the difference between shaving and dermaplaning?

  • Razors have two blades that are much duller than a surgical blade
  • Dermaplaning is performed by a trained professional using a surgical scalpel on a taught, stretched skin.
  • Dermaplaning requires short strokes at certain angle patterns depending on the facial region being treated.
  • Dermaplaning resurfaces the skin on a much deeper and more effective level than shaving, effectively ‘kick-starting’ the new skin cell regeneration process.
  • Dermaplaning reduces the appearance of acne scarring, hyperpigmentation and light surface wrinkles.


Does it hurt?

No, the feeling is reminiscent of a cat lick (tickly, sandpaper)

Does the hair grow back thicker?

No, it will grow back exactly the same way as it was before.

How long does dermaplaning last?

The time will depend on how long the individuals hair grows back, but most clients enjoy at least 6 weeks of smoother looking skin and repeat the treatment every 8-12 weeks.


How often can I have dermaplaning?

It is important to allow the skin to regenerate, if you over exfoliate your skin this will cause dryness. Wendy recommends no sooner than 6-8 weeks between dermaplaning treatments.

How long do I have to wait for a normal facial or another facial treatment?

At least two weeks and on occasions 4 weeks depending on the treatment.

Is there any down time?

Very little, some skin will have a slight redness and irritation for about 12 hours, but since there is no incision or breaking of the skin, no down time is needed.

What is Light Therapy?

LED or ‘light-emitting diode’ works by emitting infrared light (causing heat) in specific wavelengths / spectrums, which have different skin care benefits. It has been shown to speed healing, boost anti-aging properties, and kill bacteria and will be a option to add to any Permanent Beauty Facial.

LED Light Therapy will stimulate blood flow in a treatment area, it will rejuvinate dull / tired skin exposed to enviromental factors and help optimise your home care products. Not limited to one setting the DHM LED Light Shield allows you to benefit from Red, Blue and Amber LED Therapies.

  • RED LIGHT THERAPY is used for anti-age benefits because of its ability to stimulate collagen and elastin production.
  • BLUE LIGHT THERAPY is used for its anti-bacterial benefits and therefore used in acne treatments. This specific wavelength is known to stimulate the production of oxygen radicals that kill P.Acne (the acne causing bacteria) without damaging the skin.
  • AMBER LIGHT THERAPY is used to flush waste from the skin, boost lymphatic flow and increase cellular growth, aiding in cell-turnover, or porduction of new skin cells.

Many clients opt for a combination Dermaplaning to optimise treatment outcome and achieve a smoother more radiant complexion such as the Dermaplaning, Mask and Light Therapy, the whole facial is more relaxing and result visual.